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Who would benefit from this ministry?

Anyone in your church who would like to grow in their knowledge of God’s word and in their competency in service for Christ. There are three diplomas you or your members can earn: The Diploma of Church Ministry (this is the basic diploma that must be earned before the other two), The Diploma of Theology and the Diploma of Church Planting. These diplomas require 24-28 hours of credit each. There are also five certificates the students can earn. These are in the following areas: Bible Teaching, Small Church Leadership, Pastoral Ministry, Missions Studies, and Church Planting. These only require 12-16 hours of credit. So a small group leader, a Sunday School teacher, a deacon, an elder, a potential church planter or anyone in your church could benefit from the courses we will be offering through the Yavapai Bible Institute.


What will it cost a person to attend the YBI? The tuition is $40 per credit hour ($80 for a two hour course) and then the cost of books, which we are buying from Christian Book Distributors at this time in order to save the money for the students. Your church could help a student by giving them a partial or complete scholarship.


Where will the classes be held?

You will see on the flyer and the bulletin insert that the class will be held at Beaver Creek Baptist Church in Rimrock.


Who will be teaching these classes?

Simone Lake will be the teaching this class.  Simone is a pastor's wife and sought after conference spoeaker.  In addition, she is a graduate of Golden Gate Seminary (MTS) and as earned two certificates in the field of Apologetics.  

We will be enlisting additional instructors in the future so look for those names next Semester.


Requirements for enrolling:

There are two requirements for enrollment: 1. The student has graduated from high school or has a G.E.D. 2) He or she must have a Christian testimony.  They will be asked to give their testimony of salvation and asked to give contact information for their pastor or church.